The art of fine dining

restaurant posat fine dining dubrovnik

Fine dining, as its name says, offers the finest of all components in the restaurant – food, service and atmosphere. When we were starting fine dining restaurant we knew that we have to cover every detail so we can offer true Mediterranean fine dining restaurant.
When it’s about food, we decided to go with “gifts” we have from our climate. Meditteranean has a lot to offer. We wanted to keep it simple, but also to add a creative touch, for example, Swordfish in combination with wild orange marinade or homemade pljukanci pasta in truffle sauce with prawn and scallop meat. To make taste unforgettable, we use fresh ingredients from local producers.
Experienced and profession stuff is must have just as table presentation. There is no discussion, extraordinary is only acceptable. To make fine dining atmosphere during summer, we organise piano nights. On a terrace with view on city walls and smooth music notes your fine dining experience will be memorable.
We know that everything fails if there is too many people or any confusion with reservation, so we found solutions in reservation system and online booking while for every online booking you have 5% discount. It’s always better to be sure your place is waiting for you.
The art of fine dining is to take care of every detail, but still, don’t forget the simplicity is ultimate sophistication.


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