Best dinner restaurant in Dubrovnik

Restoran Posat na još jednoj listi mjesta koje morate posjetiti u Dubrovniku

Luxury dining by the sea has never tasted so good!

The era of glamorous travel may long be gone, but a successful attempt to revive its erstwhile charm can you can actually found, especially if you seek for best dinner restaurant in Dubrovnik.
Explore the town and you will find Restaurant Posat Dubrovnik. Place with sensational view at the Fortress Minceta and glorious Dubrovnik City Walls! And the food, of course, the food. Blended with top domestic ingredients and tastes of the indigenous Mediterranean.

So that’s why your next place for the best dinner restaurant in Dubrovnik must be in Posat.

Romantic ambiance, a unique view and the best quality local food – meat, and even more favorite fish meals, are just waiting for you.
With top-quality wines that combine so good with Mediterranean diet.

Luxury dining by the sea has never tasted so good! Doesn’t it?

Our food recipes are original and traditional, but we also offer modern atmosphere with our plates, always presented in a neoteric and creative way.
Such fun and joy for the soul, at Posat Dubrovnik.

For more information search our website to find an inspiration, or even better, enticing invitation for dinner. Today!
Explore our unique offer, stay focused on quality and traditional tastes, but also on modern look and unique atmosphere, but first of all, explore our chef’s introduction words.
His menu, of course.


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