Best fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik

Posat fine dining restaurant Dubrovnik

Best point to start your Dubrovnik journey and the best place to end up a long perfect day

Whether you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or you are one of locals, everyone deserve a real treat once in a while.

So if you seek for best fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik, pay tribute to the best. Restaurant Posat will welcome you at Uz Posat street, from a place that will bring you not just tasteful moments but also a surprising experience – with a view you will always remember. The view that locals are also in love, even though they can see it on every day basis – fantastic view at famous City Walls of Dubrovnik, Pile gate, one of two main Gates to Old Town, and also two other historic pearls – fortresses Bokar and Minceta.

With such amazing sight, prone like a perfect screen, surrounding you while you’re enjoying in healthiest dishes in the world.

Since Restaurant Posat is an authentic Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant dishes are based on traditional cuisine and fresh local ingredients, with special focus on high quality fish, crabs and seafood dishes. Completed with local, season fruits and vegetables.

For healthiest and most tasteful Mediterranean gastro experience with few more interesting surprises hidden in other part of our menu.

Come and explore true essence of Dubrovnik, but not only trough extraordinary food but also and impressive wine selection and very tasteful dessert card with extraordinary sweet recipes.

Meat dishes are also include in our offer, as much are the salads and excellent cheese selection. With the touch of highest quality of our olive oils, domestic herbs and tastes, whose quality can only measure with a quality of complete experience, in best dining restaurant in Dubrovnik.

So if you’re looking for best of the best, come in Restaurant Posat, the best place to start your Dubrovnik journey. And certainly most tasteful one.

Such fine dine….


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