Billecart Salmon champagne at Posat restaurant

restaurant posat billecart salmon

Appreciated representatives of Billecart-Salmon House, one of the most remarkable champagne brand in the world, visited Posat. In friendly, and very pleasant atmosphere Billecart Salmon and Posat restaurant achieved business cooperation.

It was the great honour to host Billecart Salmon at our place, but the great honour is also to have the selection of Billecart Salmon champagnes at our restaurant. As a fine dining restaurant, we want to serve our guest with the finest products and Billecart – Salmon, as the most ancient champagne association in the world, is the one we are proud to have on our list.

Billecart Salmon is independent and family owned champagne house. They create remarkable champagnes for six generations. Today, Francois And Antoine Roland Billecart, representing the most ancient Champaign association in the world, with the support of their father, Jean Roland-Billecart.

Champaign house is situated in the village of Mareuil-sur- Aÿ in the heart of Champagne and today is one of the few family owned. Their quality is recognised all over the world. Billecart Salmon create champagnes with great finesse, elegance and balance. Their champagne won first place in the Champagne of the Millennium, and that is just one among many awards. Most excellent sommeliers have only top best critics for Billecart Salmon champagnes.

We would like to thanks Billecart Salmon House for a pleasant time at our restaurant!


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