Chef, kitchen & Team


Behind the success of Posat Restaurant is a strict food philosophy which focuses on top-quality, locally grown ingredients. 

Chef Ivica Udženija insisted on this kind of approach from day one, and there was no cutting corners since then. He believes that the top-quality ingredient itself has to be the foundation of any dish. Food processing should be kept to a minimum in order for the food to retain all of its genuine flavors and nutritive values. 

 Mediterranean cuisine perfectly fits this idea, with emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, and using only the essential spices such as olive oil, salt, pepper and Mediterranean herbs.


Maintaining such high criteria when it comes to food procurement is not an easy job, but we have managed to do it since 2004. Our chef Ivica grows his own vegetables at the little farm near Dubrovnik, and uses these ingredients according to the season.

When it comes to fish, meat and other ingredients, we have a small group of local trusted vendors we have been working with for many years, and our large seawater aquarium is a guarantee that the seafood is always as fresh as possible.

Everything we can, we make on-site, every day. We bake our own breads, make our own pasta, and bake our own desserts.

We believe that only the best, fresh, locally grown and seasonal food is what it takes to create a perfect fine dining experience.
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Without a balanced and well-coordinated team there can be no satisfied guest. Excellent teamwork is a basic requirement for a restaurant with a fine dining tag. Kitchen staff and service have to work as one to deliver a perfect dining experience.

Posat team consists of more than 20 equally important members. It all started with two friends, now co-owners, Ivica and Marijo.

Ivica is our first chef, who created this concept of mediterranean, slow-food cuisine, which today’s chefs Dražen and Đuro continue to grow with their own ideas and creativity.

Marijo, as a restaurant manager, makes sure that the service is always as swift as possible, but with a great attention to detail, and always going that extra mile to make your experience perfect.

We take pride in the fact that every member of Posat team truly loves this job, and finds the biggest motivation in guest satisfaction. And we can guarantee, you’ll see this for yourself as our guest.

Our mission is to satisfy. And that’s for sure.
Restaurant POSAT has been building its tradition and quality for the last 16 years and we definitely do not plan to stop.