Three easy steps to make a dinner reservation in Dubrovnik

dinner reservation in dubrovnik

You are coming to Dubrovnik, or you are already here? Welcome! For sure you want to have a special evening and a really good dinner as part of your vacation. Who doesn’t?!  When your holiday mood is ON you just want to enjoy, breath in new places, relax…  To make sure that you will enjoy your vacation a good plan is what you need. Don’t come in Dubrovnik with the idea that you will find everything when you arrive. It’s high season and for a good place you will need to make a dinner reservation in Dubrovnik. It may be boring because all you really want is to start your vacation, but later you will be more than happy about it!

Planning is crucial! Imagine you are in Dubrovnik, preparing for your special night, arriving at that perfect restaurant – and there is no space!  And there is no space at the other place you try and you are walking around just wanting to find free table and have something, anything to eat… Now you are really hungry, and the night that you had imagined as your special night has gone seriously wrong! To avoid that unpleasant scene let’s go through a few really easy steps to make your dinner reservation in Dubrovnik.

The first checkpoint for a dinner reservation in Dubrovnik: what type of food do you want?

Do you want to try something local but with a modern touch? As you would expect there are lots of variations on Mediterranean food here in Dubrovnik, but our recommendation is to always try some chef’s interpretations of local cuisine. Here you can see all you need to know about Mediterranean restaurants in Dubrovnik.

The second checkpoint for a dinner reservation in Dubrovnik: what type of restaurant do you prefer?

When you are on vacation you deserve the best. Why not choose a fine dining restaurant?!  You are in Dubrovnik, why not make it something special?  Good food makes for a good mood, of course – but it could be even better. Whatever type of restaurant you choose it’s worth checking the reviews of other guests, to check out a web page, take a look at a menu,  find a relevant social network page and see do you really like that place.

The third checkpoint for a dinner reservation in Dubrovnik: do you want a place with a view?

If you are planning to make a dinner reservation in Dubrovnik, this should be high on your list of priorities. Choose a place where you will enjoy a view of stunning scenes of Dubrovnik. This is the sort of extra something that will make your evening perfect. For a feeling of easy relaxation choose a terrace from which you will have a view of the city, where you will hear the rhythms of the Old Town but where you will be far away from the tourist crowds.

When you go through this list and decide where and when you want to have special evening, make a dinner reservation. It will take you few minutes, but it will mean you will have a vacation to remember!


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