Meaning of Posat, Dubrovnik fine dining restaurant

Meaning of Posat, Dubrovnik fine dining restaurant

At Posat Dubrovnik fine dining restaurant we care about brand values that empower the entire organization. From the beginning we knew that we needed to make something that would be memorable for everyone in our team, and that would reflect everything that Posat that Dubrovnik fine dining restaurant aspires to. So, we decided to put our most essential values into one word, POSAT. Not only is it the name of the historically significant street in Dubrovnik, it is also an acronym of our values.

What is behind the name of Dubrovnik fine dining restaurant Posat?


P is for Perfection

Every owner of a fine dining restaurant knows that you need to set your standards high. It is true that you can’t always be perfect, but you can always aim for it! And that is our philosophy. Every day try to be better than yesterday, strive for progress and try to come a step closer to perfection so that our guests can experience the best of fine dining experiences.

O is for Outstanding

For our Dubrovnik fine dining restaurant outstanding is an extension to perfection. We live in Dubrovnik, a city of outstanding beauty, and we intend to reflect that quality in our specialities and service. Dubrovnik radiates beauty and charm, so we must be outstanding in quality of our service.

S is for Simplicity

Strive to be better, to be outstanding – but remember there is beauty in simplicity. Simplicity in organization, simplicity in the presentation of Posat Dubrovnik fine dining specialities. Don’t overthink, talk to your team, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. Keep it simple because simplicity is ultimate sophistication!

A is for Art

Did you know that Posat Dubrovnik is an old Dubrovnik palace where Ignjat Amerling used to live? He was well known as an art connoisseur and a hedonist. He was a cultural patron who gifted his town, Dubrovnik, with various important monuments.

As you can see, art and culture are essential aspects of our existence. We want to make every meal a piece of art.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

T is for Team

At Posat Dubrovnik fine dining restaurant we know that by working together everyone achieves more! Without our team, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are not just colleagues – we are workmates. We respect, trust and care for each other. Each employee of Posat is a brand ambassador – the face of our restaurant and the voice of our business.


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