Wine o’clock at Posat restaurant! Wine not?!?

wine night at posat restaurant in dubrovnik

If you are on vacations in Dubrovnik one is sure – you shouldn’t miss wine o’clock at Posat, Dubrovnik Mediterranean. At Posat, restaurant with one of the best views, we serve several wines from Dubrovnik region, but also from the Adriatic coast and whole Croatia. There are many of wine producers in Croatia, and we found a selection of best ones.

Around Dubrovnik are few wine regions – Pelješac as heaven for wine, island Korčula as the place where grow authentic sort, Pošip. There is also “golden” Hvar with some unique wines and Konavle region. Grapes and wine have an important role in the history of Dubrovnik. Already in Ancient in Greek time is mentioned as important, and in the Republic of Ragusa, it was significant agriculture activity.

So when you are in Dubrovnik take your partner in wine and start exploring and here are few insights about original and special sorts.

From white wine one of the most famous is Pošip – as the authentic sort that grows only on Korčula island. Another authentic sort is “Maraština” that grows in Dalmatia – dry, easy and refreshing wine.

If you are a lover of red wines than you should try Dingač – sort of wine that grows on Pelješac peninsula. With its intense and full bouquet, you will discover entirely new flavours. His taste is special because of the region where it grows – vineyards have double insolation- first direct from the sun and reflection from the sea.

For south/this region, the characteristic sort is “Plavac mali”, usually dry one with pleasant taste. It is hard to recommend just one wine, and it depends on the food you will have. But don’t worry, we will help you to find best combinations of tastes.

Don’t forget to have a dessert, some of the masterpieces of our chef de cuisine in combination with sweet wine. In Croatia, especially Dalmatia, very popular dessert wine is Prošek, or if you want “visit” Istria than trying some of the Muškat sorts.

Ok, we should stop here since we could write a novel on this theme. Enjoy Dubrovnik and travel Croatia by having wine o’clock in combination with fine dining specialities at Mediterranean restaurant Posat.

There are piano nights at Posat, every evening from 21:00. Wine not?


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