Festive Dinner Snacks

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No idea what to make for festive dinner snacks? We have a few good ones…

Tuna tartar and toast with Mediterranean herbs sound like the very festive, occasional small meal that can be easily prepared in larger quantities. Ideal for home celebration with a pinch of not so ordinary traditional meals.

But if it doesn’t sound as festive as it needs to be for your magical New Years Eve, don’t worry, we have plenty more small package surprises that might become your favorite dish.

Tuna tartar and toast with Mediterranean herbs is one of our favorite cold appetizers in Restaurant Posat.

It’s a well known Dubrovnik restaurant with perfect meals and even more perfect view, and since we are an authentic Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant, our menu is based on local cuisine, especially fish and seafood.

Having that on your mind we will introduce you to some other ideas, other than mentioned one, as great ideas for different, more glorious New Year’s Eve small dishes.

With festive plates, small bowls or even glasses for presenting these meals will be the perfect addition to your party.

From our menu to your dear guests.

Like these cold appetizers:

Octopus Carpaccio over young leaf lettuce with olive oil

Swordfish in wild orange marinade

Lobster&Pepper cookie (Lobster served on a bed of young leaf lettuce with Mediterranean herbs on black cocktail sauce, pepper cookie with lemon; plus, these pepper salty cookie can be easily prepared and mix with many other meat/fish ideas)

Or warm snack portions like:

Prawn risotto with peppered Parmesan Crisps

Lobster bisque and cottage cheese ravioli

Fried baby squid over black cocktail sauce

Ravioli with vegetable filling on Mediterranean herbs sauce

Smoked cheese fried with sesame seeds served with cold cucumber salad and marinated cloves


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