Everything you need to know when looking for a Mediterranean restaurant in Dubrovnik

Mediterranean restaurant Dubrovnik

When someone mentions the Mediterranean what are the first things that you think about? Food? A Mediterranean restaurant? Dubrovnik? The Adriatic?  So naturally our first thoughts are – a Mediterranean restaurant in Dubrovnik! There are several restaurants here with a reputation for high quality traditional and Mediterranean food, but when you really want the full experience you should go for the best.

Before making a reservation take a careful look at the menu. Are there many ordinary dishes which you can try anywhere in the Mediterranean, but there may also be some particular details, some local touches and interesting combinations of food. Mediterranean cuisine is based on many different vegetables, nuts and grains. There are many possibilities for delicious specialities. It is essentially a simple type of cuisine, but it can be so much more than just grilling a fish with olive oil.

What makes a difference?

What do you say to mozzarella and tomatoes with arugula pesto? Homemade arugula pesto sounds much more interesting, right? If you haven’t tried it, start your experience with something like this. And what about swordfish but in a wild orange marinade, or cod fillet wrapped in black olives on broad beans with vegetable ravioli.

These are just some of the specialties created by our chef Ivica Udženija who is always trying to add some special notes and flavours. The Posat restaurant in Dubrovnik always aspires to prepare food with “Mediterranean soul” but to add to that some modern and personal touches.


A recipe has in itself no soul, it is the cook who must bring soul to the recipe.


When you are looking for a Mediterranean restaurant in Dubrovnik there is another point to consider: that is the importance of fresh and high-quality ingredients. Check out if a place is taking care of such details, and what is the general approach of a restaurant. We know that for a full Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant experience particular emphasis needs to be placed on fresh, quality ingredients:  with that there should be no compromise!

What makes a Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant experience unique?

Of course, it’s the atmosphere! If you want the full experience the atmosphere of the restaurant should be high on your list of priorities. Good atmosphere is a combination of many things, particularly ambience and good food. At Posat you can enjoy your Dubrovnik Mediterranean experience on their spacious terrace a view of the historic city from a spectacular angle. Enjoy good Mediterranean food and rest your eyes on the best view of the Pile gate, the Dubrovnik City Walls and beautiful fortresses of Bokar and Minčeta.

Make your Dubrovnik Mediterranean experience different and unique. See you at Posat restaurant!


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