Posat is ready! We are preparing some new specialties for you

Posat is ready! We are preparing some new specialties for you

Dear visitors, we are happy that new season is here! It’s already sunny in Dubrovnik and City is alive. During the day temperatures are pleasant and good thing is that there are still no big crowds, so you can enjoy in peacefully walk through the City and then dinner at Posat Restaurant.

During winter we were closed for a really short period -just to take a break and charge batteries for new challenges. As we are always looking for inspiration we found some new ideas for our menu.  The philosophy of Posat restaurant food remain the same – only fresh food, quality ingredients, Mediterranean style with modern touch.

Also, fine dining is our core value, and there is no compromise about it. So what we do on our menu? We have just spiced it up. We can’t tell you everything now, but we will gave you few hints.

You like raviolis? We really do, but we think that ordinary ravioli is something that you could try at several places, so we are preparing it with lobster and cuttlefish.  Of course, paste is home made.  What about tartar and schrimps? This year at Posat restaurant Dubrovnik we cahllenge you to rate our schrimp tartar.

Of course, there is no only sea food. We make samo refreshment on Posat meat menu,

When it’s about dessert we have choose simple ingredients – apples and berry fruits but make it extraordinary.

Are you hungry? We can’t wait you to try our new specialiies.

Be sure to enjoy your time. You are welcome anytime, but we propose to reseve your place.


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