Quick tips for a fine dining lunch in Dubrovnik

Posat_fine dining lunch in Dubrovnik

Fine dining is about a lot more than just great food, it offers the finest of all aspects of the restaurant – food, service and atmosphere. At Posat restaurant, we take care of all details of an extraordinary experience. Along with that, we offer you 7 quick tips about fine dining lunch in Dubrovnik.

1.Order from the chef

Don’t confine yourself to meals you already know you love. Go through the Posat restaurant menu, see what the chef’s specialities are, ask our staff what they would recommend, order what the place is best known for. Try something new and something authentic! (If you have allergies or some intolerance, please emphasise that to our staff).

2.Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Our staff are there to answer all your questions. They will help you to find a meal you will love. Don’t be afraid to ask for an explanation. Our menu is Mediterranean but has a personal touch. It is totally ok if you are not familiar with some of the ingredients. The same goes for wine – Croatia has a lot of wine producers and has its own authentic varieties. If you want to try something for the first time, of course you need some advice. Our staff is happy to help you.

3.Get the full experience

You want to have a fine dining meal in Dubrovnik – make sure you get the full experience. Try something different, start with an appetizer, don’t skip the dessert or some cocktails. Fine dining is not just about enjoying a meal – it’s about the full experience!

4.Fine Dining lunch in Dubrovnik goes above and beyond

There should be no compromise when it is about fine dining: every small detail matters! A fine dining meal in Dubrovnik should exceed your expectation.

5.Reservations are a good idea for a fine dining lunch in Dubrovnik

Reservation is always a good idea. Maybe you will not be expecting a rush, but don’t leave it to chance. After a walk round the walls of Dubrovnik, you want that table in an air-conditioned space that is set just for you, right? If the answer is yes, make a reservation for your fine dining lunch in Dubrovnik!

6.Attention to detail

It’s a matter of music, lighting, the view – creating a fine dining atmosphere is all about the details. With that in mind we strive to create an atmosphere where you will feel relaxed while enjoying your fine dining specialities.

7.Do not rush the ordering procedure

Staff may come to your table a few times but that doesn’t mean you need to rush. The staff are there to be at your disposal! Take your time and enjoy every minute of your fine dining lunch in Dubrovnik!


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