What you can expect from restaurants in Dubrovnik?

restaurant in dubrovnik restaurant posat

Hello foodies, hello hedonists! Welcome to Dubrovnik, the heart of Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurants in Dubrovnik can serve good food but you need to know a few things about our specialities.

Ok, restaurants in Dubrovnik serve fresh food (or at least, everyone who cares about their guests should!)  Who wouldn’t use fresh fish, freshly picked vegetables from local farms, local olive oil or wine from local producers?!? It’s a great benefit that we don’t need to look for any further afield than local home grown produce! We are blessed with all those in full, and what is even more important, real flavours and the healthiest possible quality. With those ingredients you have great chance to make really delicious meals. That’s one reason why our standards are high – but more than just freshness and quality is needed to impress our guests: there should also be an element of passion and creativity added to some understanding of traditional cuisine.



We are strongly passionate about creating fine dining specialities. With every changing season we recreate our menu with some new specialities. We are inspired by all the local ingredients that come with each season and are always looking for some different interpretations.


When you have quality and diversity of ingredients it’s time to show some creativity.

Traditional meals

To successfully create something original and unique it is necessary to have a deep understanding of traditional meals and desserts. These specialities are the soul of our cuisine and form the basis for everything we make.

At Posat we serve a range of seafood specialities and also meat meals accompanied by famous Istrian truffles. We serve our own homemade pasta, and offer a wide selection of cheeses, including the well-known Pag Island cheese.

When it comes to sweets you can try the local flan cake if you want something very characteristic of Dubrovnik, or a dessert with Dingač – a full body Croatian wine. One of our particular favourites is caramelised figs on a fresh cheese mousse. We are proud of this original combination of ingredients: figs as a Mediterranean touch and cheese mouse. You have to try it!

Whatever you choose at Posat restaurant we will make sure to make your evening extraordinary.





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