Keeping our seafood always very fresh is our top priority, and we can guarantee that.

What makes Posat unique compared to other seafood restaurants is a large seawater aquarium full of tasty lobster and other seafood. You just pick your meal, sit back, relax and enjoy. It can’t get any fresher than that.

Behind the success of Posat Restaurant is a strict food philosophy which focuses on top-quality, locally grown ingredients. 

Chef Ivica Udženija insisted on this kind of approach from day one, and there was no cutting corners since then. He believes that the top-quality ingredient itself has to be the foundation of any dish. Food processing should be kept to a minimum in order for the food to retain all of its genuine flavors and nutritive values. 

Mediterranean cuisine perfectly fits this idea, with emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, and using only the essential spices such as olive oil, salt, pepper and Mediterranean herbs.