Sweet life at Posat restaurant

restaurant posat fine dining dubrovnik

At the menu of fine dining restaurant Posat you can find even sweets are some local specialities or masterpieces of our chef de cuisine who created the menu of this Mediterranean restaurant.

“Life is tender, life is sweet”, said song, and that’s how you can describe life at your vacation, life at your lunch or dinner at Posat restaurant. Here are few hints about tastes you can experience.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try Dubrovnik flan cake with caramel or Dubrovačka rozata. It is special because of liqueur Rozalin that gives unique aroma. Dessert we like the most are figs in caramel served on a fresh cheese mousse. Dingač- poached pears with vanilla are also a recommendation as a delicious, flavorful dessert. You can also try something from daily pastries and ice cream.

The best things in life are sweet, and you can find those sweet things at Posat. Don’t miss your sweet moments! Reserve your place now!


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