Thank you for another unforgettable year

Restaurant with the best view in Dubrovnik

Thank you for another unforgettable year and excellent reviews for Restaurant Posat!

Thank you, dear guests, for another unforgettable year. ❤

We are closed until the beginning of February and wish peace and joy to you and your families for the upcoming 2019.

Hope to see you in even better New one!

Your Posat team.

In a meantime, while we are preparing for yet another successful gastronomic year, with you as our beloved partners, let us remind you what we use to share this 2018. year.

It was the year in which our tables were full for full seasonal tastings, in which our staff again gave the best of themselves to satisfy every tiny hedonistic desire of yours.

But as the whole year experience is huge, and it would not stay in a cute blog, maybe the best story what Restaurant Posat truly is; the famous Dubrovnik fish restaurant with the most beautiful view in the city, it might be best to trust our dear guests who have already spread the good praise about us on TripAdvisor.

Right before the end of this year’s session.

Impeccably fresh seafood

Had a superb meal here in November 2018. Excellent, professional service, very comfortable fine dining atmosphere, and expertly prepared food.

Their specialty is fresh, local seafood grilled over hardwood charcoal. Started with a scallop on the half shell (with roe intact) and a single, very large, head-on grilled prawn, paired with saffron risotto. As good a shrimp and scallop as I have ever had. I could have eaten a dozen of each and would have if I hadn’t already ordered a whole sea bream for my entree. That was presented whole, then taken back to the kitchen where the chef skillfully filleted it and served it with a salad of potato, green and favas beans and cherry tomatoes in a light herb dressing. The fish head was included so that I could enjoy the cheeks and eyes, which I did without hesitation. The fish was perfectly cooked, with crisp skin and moist flesh. A squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil was all it needed. Local white wine was the perfect match.

Not cheap, but well worth the price of admission and a relative bargain compared to what a meal of this quality would cost in the States.

Very highly recommended.

So we very highly thank you for your trust and hope to see you again after our sweet little break.

Posat Team


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