The Best Dessert in Dubrovnik

chocolate and orange cake posat

Sweet sweet Posat – place where you’ll find not so ordinary desserts

And also, not so ordinary atmosphere in not so ordinary restaurant. The One we are talking about is Restaurant Posat, one of the most popular restaurants in Dubrovnik, with so many qualities in his famous story.

The story as much as famous as the restaurant location, surrounding, and a view – direct view of famous Dubrovnik City Walls with a part of an Old Town.

Except that, if you ask in someone in town to recommend you the place with the best desserts in Dubrovnik, the answer will probably be – Restaurant Posat.

At first look, it’s not as rich offer as you might be expected, but let us convince you that sweet offer we are talking about, your really won’t find in a regular pastry shop.

Original, extraordinary, traditional, known but unknown… choose your favorite and come to discover the real truth that lays behind the place with one of the best desserts in Dubrovnik.

Our sweet offer sounds like this:

  • Dubrovnik flan cake with caramel
  • Homemade cherry and chocolate mousse
  • Ice cream with cream
  • Dingač-poached pears with vanilla
  • Caramelized figs on fresh cheese mousse

Sounds like invitation it’s not so easy to refuse, especially when you hear the best part!

For all those who don’t’ like to enjoy the sweets without something concrete before, you must know that Restaurant Posat isn’t famous just as a restaurant with the best view or, as you can see, best desserts, locals often recommend us as the best fish restaurant in Dubrovnik.

We can only add to it, the best place to really enjoy in Dubrovnik gastro journey.

With that sweet view and such not so ordinary sweet tastes.

Our mission is to satisfy, your’s is simple – come, try, enjoy.


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