Need a recommendation for the best fish restaurant in Dubrovnik?

posat fish restaurant

Wonder where to eat best fish meal in Dubrovnik, with experience much different from your regular routine? If so, you must stop by in Restaurant Posat!

Restaurant Posat is the famous Mediterranian restaurant in Dubrovnik with an exclusive offer, not just fish dishes, but all other tasteful meals that will satisfy most demanding gourmand. And all curious guests who just want to have a longlasting hedonistic meal in a very known place in town.

Not just because of our exclusive fish offer, but as the only place in Dubrovnik where you can enjoy your meal with one luxury detail – The View.

Just sit and enjoy in an excellent food with view of famous Walls of Dubrovnik, a Pile gate, an entrance of the Old town, and old fortresses Bokar and Minceta. It is just like sitting in front of the Colosseum in Rome. With such historic treasure, tastes will taste even better.

Although the Mediterranean cuisine is our primary trademark, we offer a wide range of other specialties.

Created by our chef, with all ingredients from local suppliers.

Always fresh, tasting like typical Dubrovnik food, presented in a hedonistic way.

Fish fans, are you intrigued?

If not so, try to answer this question after this short list:

  • Grilled squid served with warm-cold vegetable salad
  • Grilled octopus arms over tomato salsa with new potato and rosemary
  • Cod fillet wrapped in black olives on broad beans foam with vegetable ravioli
  • Tuna in sesame over cold black ink cocktail sauce with creamy beetroot risotto
  • Monkfish panada from the Chef de Cuisine

But whether you like fish or not, you can always stop by and bring a date, business partner, friend, family or organize group lunch , and choose other specialties from our rich menu.

If the offer of fish dishes sounds ample enough, believe it, the same story is with the rest of our offer: excellent meat courses, appetizers, warm soups made for this cold days, salads and tasteful, locally based, not so ordinary desert selection!

But hey, enough talking, just come and discover a ‘line or two’ from this invitation.


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