The importance of friendship

posat restaurant dubrovnik

The story about Posat isn’t just a story about fine dining restaurant – it’s a story about Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant, it’s a story about fine dining lunch in Dubrovnik, and what is most important it’s a story based on true friendship.

One of the greatest values and part of restaurant philosophy is friendship. Owners and friends of fine dining restaurant in Dubrovnik, Mr Mario Ševelj and Mr Ivica Udženija knows the quality of served food is the priority, but the atmosphere in the restaurant is one of the most important things.

Guests come to Posat to enjoy delicious food, one of the best restaurant views in Dubrovnik, but also because of the friendly atmosphere. Posat is restaurant favoured by many celebrities because they know it is a place where they can enjoy their time.

Every day Posat hosts many of guests, from locals to tourists, but in Posat everyone is important, and everyone is welcome as a friend.


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