Three things you should know about Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant

dubrovnik mediterranean restaurant

In Dubrovnik you will find lots of Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurants but here are few things you should care about before you make the reservation.

Mediterranean cuisine is very much the product of cultural influence and exchange. It is focused on local ingredients with a heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables, just as seafood and olive oil, as a variety of Mediterranean tastes.

Amazing taste

Tastes of Mediterranean cuisine are simple but rich. So, take care to try authentic Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant. At Posat restaurant menu is based on local cuisine, and special emphasis is placed on fresh, quality ingredients.

Charming atmosphere

With amazing tastes, you should find pleasant and charming atmosphere. As fine dining restaurant, we take care of details and of course experienced and professional staff.

Special view

With good taste and charming atmosphere, it’s appropriate to choose a place with a beautiful view, especially when you are in Dubrovnik. Enjoy your lunch or dinner at Posat, just a breath away from the Fortress Minčeta, or simply best view restaurant in Dubrovnik.


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