What makes fine dining in Dubrovnik remarkable?

mediterranean cuisine dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik Mediterranean restaurant Posat you can find fine dining specialities, and enjoy best restaurant view in Dubrovnik. On the menu, you will find various interesting dishes, like the special assortment of fish and carbs from our shack as grilled beefsteak over truffle sauce with homemade pasta, fresh Istrian truffle and much more. Except for Mediterranean cuisine Dubrovnik, few more important elements make our fine dining restaurant special.

Our inspiration comes from art, culture and local cuisine. We are looking for inspiration all the time, trying to find something new that will make the experience at Posat extraordinary.

We use only local, fresh ingredients, but we like to add something different, something bit more unusual.

From 2004. Posat is our passion. We are perfectionists and quality is always on our mind. At the end of the day,content guests make us even more enthusiastic.

Our goal is to be even better from day to day and when you love what you do you are ready to work even more than yesterday.

Nothing would be interesting without creative touch, and we like to be most creative when it’s about Mediterranean cuisine.

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